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Artificial intelligence has its hands in ever corner of the world of big business. But where we most see AI put to use is in big data. Large corporations have a habit of collecting data from their customers. This data ranges from the impersonal (type of phone or computer you are using, country of origin, time spent on website) to the highly personal (phone number, address, web browsing history, social security number).

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Bill Gates: Crypto, NFTs are "100% based on greater fool theory"

Axios | Jun 15, 2022

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said Tuesday during a TechCrunch talk that he's "not involved" in cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens, and he doesn't see value in either of them.

Tension Inside Google Over a Fired AI Researcher’s Conduct

Wired | May 31, 2022

Google employees claim a senior researcher fired earlier this year sought to undermine two more junior AI researchers by suggesting their results were wrong or even falsified.

The FTC Forced a Misbehaving A.I. Company to Delete Its Algorithm

OneZero | Jan 19, 2021

In 2019, an investigation by NBC News revealed that the photo storage app Ever had used billions of its users' photos to train facial recognition algorithms without their permission. Ever then sold those algorithms to law enforcement agencies and the U.S. military who wanted the technology to improve their own facial recognition technology. This week, the Federal Trade Commission decision is forcing Paravision, the parent company of Ever, to not only delete the photos Ever had stolen from its users, but to delete the algorithms as well. This ruling sets a precedent in battles over artificial intelligence. The decision is a costly one, too, since deleting the algorithms means that Ever can't make good on its contracts with law enforcement agencies and the military. Chalk this one up to a win for enforcing privacy regulations in AI.

Artificial intelligence is reshaping finance

Financial Times | Nov 19, 2020

AI: Making Inroads in the Trucking Industry

Truck-School | Nov 19, 2020

Self-driving trucks are happening—and the implications for the labor market are huge. Before long, the transportation industry will be fully automated. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are already found in many new cars. Does your car tell you to brake—or even brake for you sometimes? That’s ADAS at work. AI in the trucking industry can prevent up to 40% of reported crashes. That ain’t nothing considering 65% of goods worldwide are transported by trucks.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in a Post-COVID-19 World

Inside Big Data | Nov 19, 2020

COVID-19 has dramatically rewritten the rules of our everyday lives — and even after the pandemic has passed, we’ll find that some changes are here to stay. We’ll continue to see AI flourish in previously AI-absent industries, such as mining, energy, manufacturing, and food production. AI tools will decrease the need for robust human workforces. Machine learning will be widespread in the world of business, helping companies and industries plan for their futures by better detecting and explaining behavior changes and the effects of new policies. Additionally, AI will continue to become more available and accessible for smaller businesses, creating new efficiencies through data collection.

McDonald’s new menu: Faster drive-thrus, using artificial intelligence, adding plant-based burgers

WRAL TechWire | Nov 12, 2020

AI is coming to fast food — and making it even faster. McDonald’s has recently unveiled a better drive-thru experience for customers who place digital orders in advance. Their system would also dedicate designated pickup spots for customers, as well as automate ordering. According to their own reporting, it took about 349 seconds to get through a McDonald’s drive-thru in 2020. Look for that number to decrease significantly.

AI can enhance natural gas delivery, NARUC reports

Smart Energy International | Nov 11, 2020

Artificial intelligence is being deployed to fight some of the biggest challenges facing natural gas utility usage: ageing distribution infrastructure, damage done to underground infrastructure by excavators, and customer participation in energy efficiency programs. AI can prioritize the parts of natural gas infrastructure that need immediate attention. Additionally, AI can improve energy efficiency and awareness programs, letting more customers know how they can save on utility costs while also cutting down on energy usage.

Growing adoption of AI in smartphones to boost market growth

Business Wire | Jan 21, 2020

The relationship between smartphones and artificial intelligence is a long and happy one. AI turns the apps we use daily into intelligent, predictive programs that can make decisions and suggestions for us. And it’s only getting smarter. Imagine more creative voice assistants, more complex photo settings, better virtual reality—you name it.

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