AIandYou educates marginalized communities about the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence (AI) in their daily lives. We provide online tools and resources to help individual understand the opportunities and challenges of AI in the new digital world.

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Susan Gonzales, Founder & CEO, AIandYou, brings years of experience in technology, community outreach, and policy to AIandYou. She serves on the National AI Advisory Committee advising President Biden and the Administration on the National AI Initiative, and is on the board of EqualAI. She co-authored "A Blueprint for Equity and Inclusion in AI," released by the World Economic Forum in 2022. Susan serves on the Boards of EqualAI,, and the Eva Longoria Foundation.

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AIandYou engages and educates marginalized communities and their policymakers about technology in the new digital world to foster equity and inclusion for those often left behind. We encourage communities to understand the potential opportunities associated with new technology and promote the safe navigation of the digital world.

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AI is affecting our children’s learning experiences and changing their lives. It’s changing yours, too, whether you know it or not. Learn the basics. Don’t get left behind. Check out our AI Literacy Library!

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Now is the time to act. Learn as much as you can about AI. Find out how you can prepare yourself and community for the AI revolution taking place right now.

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