AIandYou encourages AI Literacy, a basic understanding of AI and its impact on workers, educators, students, small businesses, and others. We aim to prepare marginalized communities for AI benefits, risks, and opportunities.

"The lack of AI awareness and fear of adoption will significantly impact the effectiveness of AI tools in the long run.” - Susan Gonzales

Artificial Intelligence & the 2024 Election

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A Community Conversation about AI

Let's chat about AI! Join us for a lively Community Conversation where we explore the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence together. We invite you to attend the conversation with Rep. Ted Lieu at the Torrance Civic Center on Nov. 1 at 6:30 p.m. PDT.

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AIandYou on ABC News to discuss work educating marginalized communities on AI

ABC News

Susan Gonzalez, CEO and Founder of AIandYou, joins ABC News to discuss the the need for AI literacy, how AI will affect the 2024 Election, and more!

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Digital Inclusion Summit

This special edition of our digital forum explores the topic of artificial intelligence. AI has been and is increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives. We are joined by amazing experts to talk about how we can shape AI in a way that is meaningful and ethical and also inclusive of our underserved communities.

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Susan Gonzales, Founder & CEO, AIandYou, brings years of experience in technology, community outreach, and policy to AIandYou. She serves on the National AI Advisory Committee advising President Biden and the Administration on the National AI Initiative, and is on the board of EqualAI. She co-authored "A Blueprint for Equity and Inclusion in AI," released by the World Economic Forum in 2022. Susan serves on the Boards of EqualAI,, and the Eva Longoria Foundation.

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AIandYou addresses the need for education and awareness about artificial intelligence in simple terms. We promote AI Literacy, a basic understanding of artificial intelligence and its impact on daily life. We provide tools and resources to educate marginalized communities about the benefits, risks, and opportunities with artificial intelligence (AI). We prepare communities for the changes impacting their local economic growth and stability in jobs, education, small business, healthcare, and more.

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