Web3 will flourish if it’s built with inclusion in mind.

Industries that are represented with diversity of thought, experience, gender, and ethnicity reflect their ecosystems and users most accurately.


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Susan Gonzales, Founder & CEO, AIandYou, appointed to the first National AI Advisory Committee (NAIAC) to advise the US President on the National AI Initiative.

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AI & You

What We Do

AIandYou is a nonprofit on a mission to engage and educate marginalized communities about artificial intelligence and new technologies including the metaverse and cryptocurrencies, in order to equip them with the knowledge and tools needed to advance their educations and develop their careers.

We provide bilingual online resources, explainer videos, and other useful content to guide people through the rapid technological advancements that impact their lives and livelihoods. Our aim is to impart knowledge about technology that can help attain and retain employment and create a more equitable employment landscape.

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It's time for education.

AI is affecting our children’s learning experiences and changing their lives. It’s changing yours, too, whether you know it or not. Learn the basics. Don’t get left behind.

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It's time to be informed.

There’s hardly an industry out there that isn’t already changed by AI. Whether you work in a factory or in healthcare, your job — and your life — is being affected.

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It's time for action.

Now is the time to act. Learn as much as you can about AI. Find out how you can prepare yourself and community for the AI revolution taking place right now.

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To stay informed about the ways in which AI and new technologies is affecting you and your community, sign up for our newsletter. Now is the time to keep updated on AI and new technologies in the interest of our communities.

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National Urgan League
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World Economic Forum


Chan Zuckerberg Initiative


We are proud to be sponsored by some of the world's leaders in AI and AI-related fields. These organizations are drawing the maps for an unknown world. By recognizing the need to engage communities of color, these partners are ensuring a more equitable AI future for everyone.

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