Workers Resources

It is essential for workers to understand how AI may impact their jobs because AI technologies are reshaping workplaces across various industries. By learning about the potential effects of AI on their roles, workers can prepare for changes and ensure they remain relevant in an evolving job market.

To effectively prepare for the impact of AI, workers should take proactive steps to learn new skills that are relevant to AI. This can be done by accessing resources like AI&You and other websites that make it easy to learn about AI, and by taking basic courses.

It will also be important to have open communication with employers to understand how AI may impact their jobs. Workers can talk to employers to learn how AI may be integrated into their workplace, ask about training opportunities, and share concerns they may have about their jobs.

To stay ahead of AI, workers can also stay informed about AI trends, developments, and best practices. This can involve regularly reading industry publications, attending conferences, webinars, or workshops focused on AI and technology, and participating in online forums and communities dedicated to AI-related discussions.

In summary, by taking proactive steps to understand how AI might impact their jobs and staying ahead through upskilling, communication with employers, staying informed, and understanding industry trends, workers can effectively navigate the evolving landscape of work and thrive in the age of AI.

Here are some basic online courses to get familiar with AI: