Education Glossary

AI assisted writing: Using AI to help with writing tasks, like correcting grammar, suggesting improvements, or even generating text automatically.

AI generated writing: Text or content created by AI without direct human input.

AI paraphrasing: Using AI to rewrite text or content in a different form while preserving the original meaning.

Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS): Computer programs that give each student personalized help and feedback, using AI to adapt to how each student learns.

Learning Analytics: The collection and studying of data about students to make learning better, using AI to help understand the information.

Adaptive Learning: Educational technology, like AI, that changes how lessons are taught based on what each student needs, using AI algorithms to make learning fit each student better.

Chatbots in Education: AI-powered conversation agents that help students by instantly answering questions and guiding them through lessons.

Automated Essay Scoring: AI systems that grade written responses or essays, providing feedback to students and teachers.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Education: Using AI to understand and work with human language, like in language apps, translating, and summarizing texts.

Virtual Teaching Assistants: AI-driven virtual assistants or helpers for teachers designed to do tasks like lesson planning and providing personalized feedback to students.

Computer Vision in Education: AI technology that helps computers understand and work with images. It's used for things like grading handwritten work, recognizing faces for attendance, and making educational games.

Personalized Learning Paths: Ways of teaching where AI makes a special plan for each student based on their strengths, weaknesses, and how they like to learn.

Ethical AI in Education: This means making sure that when AI is being used in schools, it is done in a fair and safe way. This includes thinking about things like privacy, fairness, and making sure nobody is treated unfairly because of race or gender.

AI-enhanced Content Creation: Tools and platforms that use AI to help teachers make things for learning, like videos, games, and lessons that change based on how students learn.

AI-driven Curriculum Design: Using AI to look at how students are performing and then using that information to plan what they should learn and how to teach it better.

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