AI literacy is the ability to understand, evaluate, and effectively use artificial intelligence technologies. It includes knowing what AI can do, how it works, and being aware of its effects on society. It is a critical part of preparing for the new age of digital technology as AI technology will continue to surge. AI Literacy allows individuals to make informed decisions about the use of AI in various contexts, including education, work, and everyday life.

AI literacy is important because it allows individuals to

  1. Navigate an increasingly AI-driven world and adapt to technological advancements to use AI technologies effectively in personal and professional lives
  2. Address AI-related ethical and social issues by understanding implications of AI such as fairness, accountability, transparency
  3. Make informed decisions about using AI products and services and considering factors such as privacy, security, and bias
  4. Foster inclusivity and equity by ensuring everyone has access to knowledge and opportunities related to AI

AIandYou offers AI Literacy education to teach marginalized communities about artificial intelligence and its impact on the future of work, academics, healthcare and more.