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A cornerstone of our work is spreading the word about AI and its impact on diverse communities.

Upcoming Virtual Events in 2021

Past Events

AI for the People: Understanding the Impact on BIPOC Communities

September 14, 2021: Our Founder and CEO Susan Gonzales speaks with Gabriela Ramos, Assistant Director-General of UNESCO, to understand how artificial intelligence is affecting our communities, and how we can challenge bias in AI.

Spotlight-Infrastructure & Innovation: Shaping Future Work & the US Economy

September 3, 2021: In this panel, artificial intelligence experts and community leaders discuss how digital literacy and technology touch their professional and personal lives. With the AI revolution happening around us, it’s essential to consider the coming changes in the workplace that will require greater digital literacy and a broader understanding of technology.

Future of Privacy Forum

April 14, 2021: In this panel, AI experts and leaders look at voice-activated systems, at home, on mobile devices, and in cars or other commercial applications, to consider how design choices, data collection, and ethics evaluations can affect bias, fairness and accessibility concerns.

NYU AI for Good: Designing an Equitable Future

March 31, 2021: A conversation at the John Brademas Center and NYU Tandon. Artificial intelligence (AI) can solve the world’s biggest challenges, but without thoughtful design, automated decision-making systems can pose risks and perpetuate injustices. When organizations adopt new technologies without regard to the wider social, economic, cultural, and political contexts, they can endanger privacy and security and exacerbate existing inequities in ways that are difficult to reverse.

Making AI a Field for Everyone: Obstacles & Opportunities

March 30th, 2021: What are some challenges faced by underrepresented groups when seeking a career in AI? Where should we invest in making AI more inclusive? Facebook invited thought leaders - Rhonda Allen, Susan Gonzales, Dr. Matias Valdenegro Toro, Dr. Sinead Williamson, and Irina Koffman, to share their insights on how we can make a difference.

CHCI: Algorithms for Good and Ethical Technologies

December 8, 2020: Susan Gonzales moderates a panel entitled "Algorithms for Good and Ethical Technologies" as part of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 2020 Tech Summit. Susan was joined by Research Scientist Stacy Hobson, Ph.D. (IBM Research) and Senior Technical Program Manager Martha Laguna (Microsoft). The panel, as Rep. Barragán put it, discussed how leaders in technology can build a diverse workforce and create ethical products that are free of racism and bias.

NeurIPS Town Hall

Hosted at the 2018 Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, the Diversity and Inclusion Town Hall featured leaders from Queer in AI, Black in AI, LatinX in AI, and Women in Machine Learning.

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