AI Podcast: Community Conversations

Episode 17

Susan Gonzales on AI Literacy and Diversity

Susan Gonzales, founder and CEO of AIandYou, shares her journey and vision for bridging the AI literacy gap in marginalized communities. With a focus on AI's benefits, risks, and potential for societal impact, Gonzales emphasizes the importance of diverse voices in AI development and policy to prevent bias and ensure that AI’s potential benefits are actually equitable.

Originally aired with Host Laura Zarrow on January 18, 2024 on SiriusXM’s Business Radio, Channel 132.

EdSurge Podcast

Episode 16

Inside the Push to Bring AI Literacy to Schools and Colleges

There’s a growing push to add AI literacy as a subject in schools and colleges. But what exactly is AI literacy, and can educators promote curiosity about the subject amid their own concerns, and in some cases fear, around ChatGPT and other generative AI?

FacePalm America

Episode 15

The Many Sides of AI: With Guest Susan Gonzales

Susan Gonzales, founder and CEO of AIAndYou and member of the National AI Advisory Commitee where they advise the Presidental Committee on said issues, joins us to explain the different distinctions between types of AI, how the quick evolution of the technology can result in spreading misinformation or even deepfake videos, how margilized communities can benefit from AI tools, and what regulations need to happen to ensure that AI can be used as a safe tool.

Latina to Latina

Episode 14

Conversation with Latina to Latina: Why Susan Gonzales Wants You to Understand Artificial Intelligence

This thought leader spent more than 20 years in tech and community engagement before founding , a non-profit committed to educating marginalized communities about AI and emerging technologies. Susan shares everything from her personal digital best practices to the breast cancer diagnosis that forced her to grapple with her own arrogance, and the freedom she has found in choosing to be child-free.

Alejandro Roark

Episode 13

Conversation with Alejandro Roark

In this episode of the AIandYou podcast, Susan speaks with Alejandro Roark, Executive Director of the Hispanic Technology & Telecommunications Partnership. HTTP is the leading national Latino voice on telecommunications and technology policy. Listen to Susan and Alejandro discuss the intersection of AI technology, policy, and ethics, and how to advocate for inclusive policies.

Learn about AI, technology, and telecommunications through a leading national voice for the Hispanic community.

Rhonda Allen

Episode 12

Conversation with Rhonda Allen

In this episode of the AIandYou Podcast, Susan speaks with Rhonda Allen, CEO of /dev/color. /dev/color is a nonprofit that supports and advances Black software engineers on their path to becoming industry leaders and pioneers. Rhonda brings more than 12 years of experience in strategy, technology, education, cross-sector partnerships, and operations. She leads with the deep conviction that advancing Black technologists will strengthen communities and accelerate progress toward a more equitable future.

Learn about AI and the organizational approach of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Ezinne Nwankwo

Episode 11

Conversation with Ezinne Nwankwo

In this episode of the AIandYou Podcast, Susan speaks with Ezinne Nwanko, a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Susan and Ezinne talk about AI and agriculture, and how to start a career in AI.

Learn about agriculture and AI and careers in AI.

Heather Dowdy

Episode 10

Conversation with Heather Dowdy

Episode 10 of the AIandYou podcast features Heather Dowdy, who leads Partner Strategy for the Microsoft AI for Accessibility grant program. Heather’s work is diverse and difficult and includes providing grantees with resources to make technology more effective for people with disabilities. As the child of two Deaf parents, Heather loves creating solutions that empower marginalized communities and improve usability for all.

Learn about how AI and technology can work for people living with disabilities.

Michael Akinwumi

Episode 9

Conversation with Michael Akinwumi

In Episode 9 of the AIandYou podcast, Susan speaks with Michael Akinwumi, the head of implementation for the National Fair Housing Alliance’s Tech Equity Initiative. Michael’s work helps eliminate biases that are often found in artificial intelligence, particularly in housing and mortgage lending. If you’ve unfairly been denied a loan, Michael will know why.

Learn about bias in artificial intelligence, particularly in housing and mortgage lending.

Hal Daume III

Episode 8

Conversation with Hal Daumé III

Episode 8 features Hal Daumé III, a principal researcher at Microsoft Research in New York City and an associate professor at the University of Maryland. His research is related to how machines become more adept at human languages. Hal and Susan get into how machines learn -- and why diversity is so important in AI.

Learn about how machines learn.

Martha Laguna

Episode 7

Conversation with Martha Laguna En Español

En el episodio siete del podcast AIandYou encontramos a Susan hablando con Martha Laguna, Gerente Senior de Productos Técnicos en Ethics and Society for Cloud AI en Microsoft. Martha se enfoca en la creación de soluciones de IA (inteligencia artificial) para problemas grandes y pequeños. Además, hablan de algunos conceptos básicos de IA en Español.

Episode 6

Conversation with Martha Laguna

Episode six of the AIandYou podcast finds Susan talking with Martha Laguna, a Senior Technical Product Manager at Ethics and Society for Cloud AI at Microsoft. Martha is all about building AI solutions to problems big and small; her bread and butter are data. In English, Susan and Martha get into it about data and how online shoppers can be traced around the web. And in Español, they dive into some AI basics. No better place to start.

Learn about cookies, data, and digital footprints.

Kat Heller

Episode 5

Conversation with Kat Heller

For the fifth episode of the AIandYou podcast, Susan speaks with Kat Heller, an Assistant Professor at Duke University in the Department of Statistical Science and at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience. Kat is also at Google Brain where much of her work deals with machine learning and healthcare.

Learn about health care and machine learning.

Jordan Harrod

Episode 4

Conversation with Jordan Harrod

Episode four of the AIandYou podcast finds Susan talking with Jordan Harrod, a PhD student in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program. She focuses on neuroengineering, brain-machine interfaces, and machine learning. They talk about pain management in medicine and what it's like to be a woman of color in AI.

Learn about how AI is used for pain management and how to navigate a career in AI as a woman in color.


Episode 3

Conversation with Raphael Gontijo Lopes

In episode three of the AIandYou podcast, Susan chats with Rapha Gontijo Lopes, a Research Associate at Google Brain and a Founder at Queer in AI. Rapha is an expert in everyday AI: the ways that artificial intelligence worms its way into our lives, without our even knowing it. Susan and Rapha also talk about the importance of queer representation in AI — why it’s important and how to increase it.

Learn about artificial intelligence in daily life and the importance of queer representation in tech.

Lisa Rice

Episode 2

Conversation with Pablo Samuel Castro

The second episode of the AIandYou podcast features Pablo Samuel Castro, a staff research Software Developer in Google Brain in Montreal. In addition to his work, which focuses on how machines learn and creativity, Pablo is an advocate for increasing LatinX representation in the research community. Susan and Pablo talk shop about AI, the importance of representation in the AI community — and even get into some music.

Learn about creativity and the importance of representation in AI.

Lisa Rice

Episode 1

Conversation with Lisa Rice

On the first episode of the AIandYou podcast, AIandYou CEO Susan Gonzales sits down with Lisa Rice, the President and CEO of the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA). Susan speaks with Lisa about the Tech Equity Initiative, NFHA’s secret weapon in the fight again racial bias in housing and financial services. They also talk about the need for transparency for AI tools, and how to increase diversity and inclusion in the tech field.

Learn about housing discrimination, the ethics of AI, and diversity and inclusion in tech.

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