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Susan Gonzalez, CEO and Founder

Susan Gonzales, CEO of AIandYou

Susan Gonzales, CEO, brings over 20 years of experience in technology, community outreach, and policy to AIandYou. Susan spent most of her career in senior roles leading community outreach to diverse populations, creating partnerships and educating influencers about technology. At Facebook, where she is a former executive, Susan created and led community engagement efforts. She has also served in leadership roles at Comcast, various tech startups, and consumer goods companies. Susan launched AIandYou when she noticed the chasm that existed between the AI ecosystem and underserved communities of color. She is committed to creating a global platform of accessible and easy-to-understand information about AI. Susan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Our Partners:

AIandYou proudly partners with a diverse group of scientists, researchers and engineers to amplify their work, support their programs and create a platform for them to discuss AI with the community.

Black in AI
Latinx in AI
Queer in AI
Women in Machine Learning
Women in AI

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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

We are proud to be sponsored by some of the world's leaders in AI and AI-related fields. These organizations are drawing the maps for an unknown world. By recognizing the need to engage communities of color, these partners are ensuring a more equitable AI future for everyone.

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