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Jan 16, 2024

Here’s How The FTC Might Lower The Boom On Those Emerging Generative AI Mental Health Therapy Chatbots That Are Promising Miracle Cures


In today’s column, I will explore the increasing flare-up of generative AI mental health therapy chatbots and the at times outlandish and unfounded claims being made about their efficacy, along with doing a close-up examination of the regulatory and legal mechanisms fighting against this disconcerting rising tide.

Jan 16, 2024

3 Rules for Writing Prompts on ChatGPT

Business Insider

I'm an AI prompt engineer. Here are 3 rules to get the best results using ChatGPT – and what people get wrong.

Jan 16, 2024

AI can now copy your handwriting. We're concerned.


Researchers at the Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence in Abu Dhabi say they developed an AI tool that can pretty closely copy a person's handwriting. The researchers said that the model needed just a few paragraphs of writing to be trained.

Jan 16, 2024

I just tried the new Assistive AI video tool — and its realism is incredible

Tom's Guide

Artificial intelligence startup Assistive has launched a new generative video platform called Assistive Video that can create four-second clips from text or images.

Jan 16, 2024

How doctors are using AI to diagnose a hidden heart condition in kids

Washington Post

Now, in an advance that shows the potential of artificial intelligence to aid medicine, researchers at Children’s National have developed a new AI-powered tool for diagnosing rheumatic heart disease long before a patient needs surgery.

Jan 16, 2024

Cellebrite is donating its AI investigative tools to nonprofits to help find missing children faster

Fast Company

John Walsh, advocate for missing children and longtime host of "America’s Most Wanted," said he feels outmanned by criminals all the time—especially in the courtroom.

Jan 15, 2024

OpenAI unveils plans for tackling abuse ahead of 2024 elections


ChatGPT maker OpenAI says it's rolling out new policies and tools meant to combat misinformation and abuse ahead of 2024 elections worldwide.

Jan 11, 2024

The Many Sides of AI: With Guest Susan Gonzales

Facepalm America

Podcast to explain the different distinctions between types of AI, how the quick evolution of the technology can result in spreading misinformation or even deepfake videos, how marginalized communities can benefit from AI tools, and what regulations need to happen to ensure that AI can be used as a safe tool.

Nov 30, 2023

5 types of new jobs that AI could create

Business Insider

The widespread adoption of AI is expected to eliminate some jobs but create others. New AI jobs, which may not require a college degree, could offer high salaries for workers. The number of AI jobs is already on the rise.

Nov 30, 2023

How Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs Can Benefit From AI


Small businesses face a significant challenge in today's digital landscape - competing against larger, well-resourced enterprises. However, the solution may lie in embracing Artificial Intelligence, a technology that can revolutionize how small businesses function and compete.

Nov 18, 2023

From EKGs to X-Ray Analysis, Here's How Your Doctor Is Actually Using AI

Very Well Health

Artificial intelligence seems to be everywhere right now—guiding stock choices, planning vacations, and writing the next great blockbuster. But while generative AI is showboating, machine learning is helping doctors digest and utilize oceans of information to make condition diagnosis faster and more efficient. And the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is on board.

Nov 15, 2023

Market Watch Podcast - AI and the 2024 Election: How to Protect Yourself

Market Watch

With less than a year until the presidential election, a wave of misinformation and disinformation is expected to flow at voters, with the help of artificial intelligence. AIandYou founder and CEO Susan Gonzales joins MarketWatch tech editor and San Francisco Bureau Chief Jeremy Owens, to discuss how to identify such information and protect yourself against it.

Nov 14, 2023

Most people can't spot fake faces. Can you?

The Times

Scientists say AI can look more real than reality, making us confident in our mistakes. Our quiz will tell if you're fooled.

Nov 13, 2023

White faces generated by AI are more convincing than photos, finds survey

The Guardian

Photographs were seen as less realistic than computer images but there was no difference with pictures of people of colour

Nov 8, 2023

Meta to require political advertisers to disclose when they use AI

NBC News

Starting next year, advertisers on Facebook and Instagram will have to say during the buying process whether they are using media that was digitally created or altered.

Oct 26, 2023

AI Literacy Lessons for Grades 6–12

Common Sense Education

Quick, grab-and-go lessons to help your students think critically about AI and its impact.

Oct 19, 2023

Free Resources to Explore and Use ChatGPT and AI for Educators

Common Sense Education

Get an educator-focused approach to information, concerns, and uses for these powerful tools.

Oct 18, 2023

Let's use AI to rethink education, instead of panicking about cheating

New Scientist

If we build and use AI effectively, we can create an education system where students are assessed on the quality and depth of their knowledge, rather than the content of an exam, says Okezue Bell

Oct 17, 2023

AI Chatbots Can Guess Your Personal Information From What You Type


The AI models behind chatbots like ChatGPT can accurately guess a user’s personal information from innocuous chats. Researchers say the troubling ability could be used by scammers or to target ads.