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Feb 23, 2024

How to use ChatGPT to prepare for a job interview, says ex-Disney recruiter: It’s ‘a smart approach’


Hiring managers have all kinds of pet peeves when it comes to the job interview. About a third, 30% say not having researched the company interviewing you ahead of time is a major turn-off, for example. That’s according to a November 2023 survey of 1,200 adults by HR software company Ringover.

Nov 30, 2023

5 types of new jobs that AI could create

Business Insider

The widespread adoption of AI is expected to eliminate some jobs but create others. New AI jobs, which may not require a college degree, could offer high salaries for workers. The number of AI jobs is already on the rise.

Nov 30, 2023

How Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs Can Benefit From AI


Small businesses face a significant challenge in today's digital landscape - competing against larger, well-resourced enterprises. However, the solution may lie in embracing Artificial Intelligence, a technology that can revolutionize how small businesses function and compete.

Oct 17, 2023

AI Chatbots Can Guess Your Personal Information From What You Type


The AI models behind chatbots like ChatGPT can accurately guess a user’s personal information from innocuous chats. Researchers say the troubling ability could be used by scammers or to target ads.

Jul 10, 2023

Self-made millionaire: ‘A.I. will be the biggest wealth creator in history’—2 ways to use it to make money right now


Artificial intelligence tools aren’t just a convenient way to complete homework assignments or edit your selfies and videos. They could be your next source of income if you take advantage of them, says Matt Higgins, a self-made millionaire.

Jun 30, 2023

Type in your job to see how much AI will affect it

The Washington Post

Is AI coming for your job? If so, when?

Jun 12, 2023

AIandYou.org launches bi-lingual videos to teach marginalized communities about the impact of AI on everyday life

AP News

AIandYou, a nonprofit educating marginalized communities about artificial intelligence (AI) in easy to understand language, launched its first series of short, educational videos in English and Spanish.

May 4, 2023

These are the jobs most likely to be lost – and created – because of AI

World Economic Forum

Around 40% of all working hours could be impacted by AI large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT-4, says a report from Accenture.

Mar 5, 2023

Meet the companies trying to keep up with ChatGPT

The Verge

With all the hype surrounding ChatGPT, it’s no wonder other companies are vying for a piece of the AI-powered chatbot game. Companies are betting that we’re at a decisive moment in the artificial intelligence industry, where products that adopt and build upon the budding technology could have the potential to reshape technology as we know it — not to mention shake up the Big Tech hierarchy.

Feb 24, 2023

Harvard professor on A.I. job risks: We need to upskill ad update business models

CNBC - Squawk Box

Tsedal Neeley, Harvard Business School professor, joins ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss the population’s fears of AI eventually taking their job, if organizations should rethink business models and more.

Feb 12, 2023

Seven issues that will define the 2024 election

The Hill

A handful of issues are emerging as possible flashpoints in the 2024 election as Republicans and Democrats look to finetune their messaging ahead of a consequential presidential election.

Feb 3, 2023

Spearheading Shiseido’s Digital Transformation With Angelica Munson

Women's Wear Daily

Angelica Munson, Shiseido’s chief digital officer, outlined the company's digital plans, from new marketing frontiers to innovative new tools.