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AIandYou offers AI Literacy education to teach marginalized communities about artificial intelligence and its impact on the future of work, academics, healthcare and more.

According to the Georgia Institute of Technology, AI Literacy is a set of competencies that enable individuals evaluate AI technologies, communicate and collaborate with AI, and use AI as a tool effectively online, at home, and in the workplace.

The pandemic abruptly accelerated the importance of technology in our ordinary daily lives, particularly for those least inclined to use online tools partly due to a lack of basic technology education. In the last few years, it became clear that marginalized communities are woefully unprepared for a more robust digital future, and that we must take immediate action to create new pathways for success. Communities require AI literacy fundamental education on new technologies to be prepared for the world of new technologies.

AI Literacy is a critical part of preparing for the new age of digital technology. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology continuing to surge forward, often at a pace that the average person will struggle to keep up with, basic technology education is more important than ever before.

AIandYou has built out a collection of AI Literacy resources for you to use below:

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World Economic Forum
National Urgan League
Hispanic Federation
National Fair Housing Alliance
Black in AI
Queer in AI
Latinx in AI
Women in AI
Women in Machine Learning


Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

We are proud to be sponsored by some of the world's leaders in AI and AI-related fields. These organizations are drawing the maps for an unknown world. By recognizing the need to engage communities of color, these partners are ensuring a more equitable AI future for everyone.

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