The National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) is the premier organization that educates, advocates and empowers for multi-ethnic diversity in the communications industry. Our success stems from our ability to provide the resources that allow our members to cultivate their individual careers. Equally important, we partner with the country's leading media companies that are committed to leveraging diversity as a business imperative.

NAMIC helps facilitate the personal and professional development of individuals from entry-level to the C-Suite, and every level in between. Our membership roster is comprised of more than 4,000 professionals from both the business and creative sides of our industry who come from a broad range of disciplines representing cable telecommunications, broadcast, digital, film and print media.

For over three decades, NAMIC has been shaping the critical thinking, advancing careers and empowering individuals and companies alike to optimize the strategic opportunities inherent in both workforce and consumer diversity. Through our educational offerings and industry-wide initiatives, NAMIC continues to broaden its impact as demographic shifts, globalization and technology rapidly change the way we do business.

NAMIC is at the forefront in driving towards ethnic diversity in the communications industry. Our mission is to develop a pipeline of diverse talent from which the next generation of industry leadership will be selected. NAMIC engages with professionals and the companies invested in their success to determine tactics for reaching our goals. Education, mentoring, leadership development, and positioning diversity as an essential business asset are the areas in which we excel.

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We are proud to be sponsored by some of the world's leaders in AI and AI-related fields. These organizations are drawing the maps for an unknown world. By recognizing the need to engage communities of color, these partners are ensuring a more equitable AI future for everyone.

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