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Dr. Brandeis Marshall, PhD

Dr. Brandeis Marshall

Role: CEO and Co-Founder, DataedX

Resides: Outside of Atlanta, Georgia

Favorite AI Tool: Jupyter Notebook

Why did you get involved in the study of the race, gender, and socioeconomics of data science and AI?

White male toxicity in computing has intentionally discouraged the involvement of non-white people by reducing access to education, employment and promotion for decades. I have seen and experienced the impact of this toxicity to non-white people as a computer scientist and educator for nearly two decades. As the value of data is more widely known, I want to help curb a repeat experience in what was emerging as the data science field.

Data is about people. So data understanding, tools and applications needs to bake in inclusivity and equity. Race, gender identity and class are afterthoughts in computing and automation right now. Let’s actively work to center the most vulnerable in our handling of data.

What is the mission of DataedX, the organization you co-founded?

Our mission is to democratize culturally responsive data learning. To do this as a company, we design, deliver and co-create resources and strategies that bake in systemic equity into automated algorithms, systems, policies and regulations.

How can communities of color prepare for the changes that AI will continue to bring?

Don’t isolate, congregate. It’s key to first tune into AI conversations preferably led by Black and Latinx experts to receive the critical cultural perspective. Invite your family and friends. Then, start building a community of social, political, economic and legal advocates who know how data is made. Listen to their podcasts and follow them on social.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

#ISupportTimnit #BelieveBlackWomen

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