AI has taken over education technology. What will come next?



Apr 16, 2024

Between the pandemic and the rise of generative AI, the education sector has been in a permanent state of flux over the last few years. For a time, online learning platforms were ascendant, meeting the moment when workplaces and schools alike went remote (and later, hybrid). With the public debut of ChatGPT in 2022, edtech companies—such as edX, which was one of the first online learning giants to launch a ChatGPT plugin—jumped at the opportunity to integrate generative AI into their platforms, while teachers and administrators tried to understand what it could mean in the classroom.

It quickly became clear that the technology needed guardrails when it came to student use. Companies like Khan Academy set about trying to create GPT-powered tools that would enhance the online learning experience and offer personalized support—but without enabling students to cheat. The result was Khanmigo, a chatbot that Khan Academy launched to help students edit essays and solve math problems.

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