Simple Content in English and Spanish is Now Easily Accessible at No Cost

San Francisco, April 17, 2024 AIandYou, a non-profit organization aimed at educating marginalized communities on artificial intelligence (AI), released a suite of educational materials for educators and students to learn about Generative AI and how it impacts their lives. The initiative was inspired by an “AI in the Community” town hall event attended by Congressman Ted Lieu (CA 36th District). Educators expressed apprehension about Generative AI and interest in learning more about AI in education at the event hosted by AIandYou.

While teachers understandably harbor concerns about the potential downsides of Generative AI, such as misinformation and plagiarism, fostering curiosity about this transformative technology is crucial. Similarly, students need to understand how to use the technology safely. AIandYou is dedicated to promoting AI literacy so teachers and students know how to use AI safely in learning environments.

“Generative AI is now a part of our lives. We must embrace AI literacy and understand the fundamentals of AI to prepare for the changes,” said Susan Gonzales, Founder and CEO of AIandYou. We aim to guide educators and students and help them navigate the opportunities and challenges of Gen AI.”

“Bilingual AI literacy content is critical to meet the needs of educators and students in all communities, said Alicia Aguirre, Professor at Cañada College, San Mateo, CA. The AIandYou content, available at no cost, can help educators and students navigate new AI tools safely. I look forward to sharing the content with my colleagues and students.”

The newly launched content comprises an array of educational tools, including explainer videos, glossaries, FAQs, and curated news articles, meticulously curated to expand educational efforts that cater to the diverse learning needs of educators and students. All resources are readily accessible on the AIandYou website at

AIandYou, founded in 2019, aims to educate marginalized communities about the benefits, challenges, and risks of artificial intelligence. The organization offers easy-to-understand, free online content and hosts community AI events to decrease fear and help people prepare for the changes created with AI. Based in the Bay Area, AIandYou was founded by Susan Gonzales, a former tech executive, when she identified the chasm between the AI ecosystem and marginalized communities.

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