A Multicultural Public Awareness Campaign AI, Misinformation, and the 2024 Election

The Campaign - Countering AI-generated Misinformation

AIandYou launches the first multicultural public awareness campaign on AI and the 2024 election. Awareness will be generated through a multimedia, multicultural, campaign educating voters about misinformation and how to leverage AI tools to get out the vote. The awareness campaign will focus on young voters of color and women.

The Landscape

The 2024 election will present unprecedented amounts of disinformation and voters will have great difficulty differentiating fact from fiction. This disinformation is expected to be used to sway voters, especially those new to the electoral process. Now is the time to educate voters about how AI will influence the 2024 election. What’s at stake? The election.

The Risks of AI in 2024 Campaign

The 2024 Presidential election is expected to be decided by a small percentage of voters. Based on recent elections, women and people of color were instrumental in deciding elections. Voters must be aware of deepfakes and other misinformation in video, print, and voice in this election to protect their vote. 


Susan Gonzales, Founder & CEO, AIandYou – launched AIandYou.org after spending 20+ years in the tech and telecom industries in policy and community engagement. Susan is a member of President Biden’s National AI Advisory Committee (NAIAC), a Board member of EqualAI, The Eva Longoria Foundation, and Leanin.org. Susan co-authored of the “A Blueprint for Inclusivity in AI” World Economic Forum 2022 report.

For more information, contact susan@aiandyou.org.

Partner Opportunities

AIandYou is seeking funding partners interested in the election outcome and equity for young voters of color and women. Partners will have the option to be included in all campaign marketing, speaking opportunities, and awareness building. 

For more information, contact susan@aiandyou.org.

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