‘Cheap fake’ Biden videos burst into national spotlight


The Hill

Jun 19, 2024

White House officials are aggressively pushing back against a wave of “cheap fake” videos that purportedly show President Biden being confused or meandering, and which question his mental and physical fitness ahead of the election.

The rise of the videos, which do not use artificial intelligence (AI) but are cropped or edited in a way that is misleading, marks the latest instance of how technology may be used deceptively during the 2024 campaign.

The use of “cheap fakes” burst into the national spotlight in recent days thanks to a trio of clips involving Biden that quickly went viral and painted him as confused or unaware of his surroundings.

One viral clip, which was first shared by a Republican National Committee (RNC) account, depicts Biden struggling to sit down at a D-Day ceremony in a chair that critics claimed didn’t exist. But the clip cuts off before Biden takes his seat.

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