The Biden Deep Fake Underscores the Risk Artificial Intelligence Poses in an Election Year



Feb 1, 2024

It's bound to be an election year like no other. Thanks to progress in the realm of artificial intelligence, the amount of misinformation plying the electorate is expected to escalate.

Two days before voters descended onto the polls to cast their ballots in the New Hampshire primaries, a 39-second robocall masquerading as President Joe Biden made the rounds -- calling for voters to stay home. Of course, it wasn't actually the president, and the damage inflicted wasn't fatal to Biden's polling. He emerged victorious despite not even making it onto the ballot.

So who sent the Biden call?

It's an answer that authorities are currently investigating. The origins of the call aren't yet known, though the text-to-speech (TTS) system used to mimic Biden's voice was traced back to ElevenLabs, an AI voice generator startup based in London.