Ethical artificial intelligence: the most important movement you've never heard of

Jamey Austin


Dec 11, 2020

Left alone, artificial intelligence can run amok. Algorithms built into social media software spread fake news six times faster than factual news. Indeed, social media companies profit from the consequences of artificial intelligence, all of which is why there is a stark need for "ethical" AI. Gartner, a research and advisory company, predicts that 85 percent of all AI projects in the next two years will have erroneous outcomes. This is a staggering prediction, and one that highlights the pressing need to design AI with ethical principles in place. Ethical AI Advisory, an AI consulting firm, lists eight principles and guidelines to have in place for ethical AI: human, social, and environmental well-being; human-centered values; fairness; privacy protection and security; reliability and safety; transparency and explainability; contestability; and accountability.

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