Online Shopping and You

Above anything else, artificial intelligence is used in the world of online shopping to make it easier to spend money. E-commerce has been an essential part of our lives for decades. Online shopping is second nature to us; indeed, why take a trip to the store when you can have the same products delivered to your home for no extra cost?

It boils down to this: artificial intelligence tools, in part, analyze shopping patterns based on consumer data, such as what you buy, where you buy it, and what you’re likely going to buy next. Often, when you check out your items at an e-commerce retailer, you’re given a list of recommended or related items you may like. That’s the result of an AI algorithm dedicated to predicting what will best tempt you.

As you’ve perhaps seen elsewhere on the web, chatbots play a large role in e-commerce, too. Machine learning algorithms train chatbots to respond to customer queries, to make detailed, personalized recommendations, and to serve as informative databases.

You see AI at work filtering out fake reviews of products, removing inauthentic or fake products from online shops, and making e-commerce search engines smarter. And this is just the start. Advances and investments in AI are leading to better customer analytics, better store management tools, and more specific online shopping experiences.