Small Business and You

In some ways, artificial intelligence technology continues to exist as the science fiction concept it has always been: a menacing, expensive idea that the “regular” person can’t afford to gain access to. But as time passes, that idea fades further and further into the past. The truth is, artificial intelligence tools can be at your disposal, even on a limited budget. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of small business.

AI can be found in customer relationship management (CRM) systems, used by small businesses to keep track of their customer interactions. CRM systems can make communicating with clients and customers a cinch. Chatbots that are available to customers 24/7 are a basic, easy way to incorporate AI into your business. Virtual assistants aren’t farfetched anymore.

Small businesses are increasingly relying on AI tools to help them make informed business decisions, too. Businesses use AI tools to analyze data, finding patterns and customer preferences, and compare strategies and develop business plans. The fact that nearly a third of all business owners experience cash flow troubles means that AI will continue to spread through the world of small business. Using data-driven strategies developed by AI will help small business owners in incalculable ways.

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