Metaverse Glossary

Augmented Reality – A combination of virtual reality and the real world. Imagine imposing a digital image onto real life.

Avatar – You, digitally speaking. Your avatar is a virtual representation of your identity, like an image that shows up next to your name when you comment on a YouTube video, or even a walking/talking person in a virtual reality environment.

Blockchain – A database for recording digital information in a secure, transparent way.

Cryptocurrency – Virtual, decentralized, encrypted currency that uses blockchain technology and is not regulated by banks or the government. [link to crypto microsite to learn more]

Immersive – Immersion is a concept that refers to being surrounded by something. When you’re in the ocean, you’re immersed in water. When you’re in the metaverse, you’re immersed in a virtual reality.

Meta – Facebook’s new name and one of the major corporations pushing for the success of metaverses.

NFTs – Non-fungible tokens are unique assets that people enjoy buying and trading online or in metaverses. [Link to NFT microsite to learn more]

Private Keys – These show your ownership over anything you buy in a metaverse.

Token – Metaverses have their own digital cryptocurrencies. These are often referred to as tokens, unless they have a more specific, branded name.

Virtual Reality – A computer-generated environment that makes you feel like you are really there.

Web 3.0 – Refers to a new generation of Internet services for websites and applications using blockchain technology.