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11 AI-Powered Apps That Are Actually Useful

Jake Peterson


Jul 31, 2023

AI Chatbot intelligent digital customer service application concept

These apps use AI models like GPT-4 to the fullest.

This post is part of Lifehacker’s “Living With AI” series: We investigate the current state of AI, walk through how it can be useful (and how it can’t), and evaluate where this revolutionary tech is heading next. Read more here.

Artificial intelligence tools are the talk of the tech town right now, and there are a ton of apps hitting mobile stores either designed entirely around AI, or at least implementing the new tech in a major way. Unsurprisingly, considering the noise around this emerging tech, many of these apps are garbage, designed at best to take your money, or, at worst, to install malware on your device.

But at least some of these new apps use AI in ways that are actually useful. Some are simply generative AI apps, like ChatGPT, while others are existing apps that have smartly added AI functionality. Whatever the case, these AI apps are worth your time and attention, and each stands as an example of how AI can positively impact our day-to-day lives.