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5 types of new jobs that AI could create

Jacob Zinkula

Business Insider

Nov 30, 2023

New AI technologies like ChatGPT are expected to threaten some jobs in the years ahead, but it's not all bad news: AI's growing popularity could lead to the creation of entirely new professions for workers of the future.

According to a report released in September by the World Economic Forum, telemarketers, credit authorizers, statistical assistants, and bank tellers are among the roles most at risk of being replaced by AI someday. The report, which analyzed over 19,000 job tasks across 867 occupations and assessed their exposure to AI, also detailed several areas where there is room for AI job development in the years ahead.

So far this year, there have been over 10,000 job postings related to generative AI from companies like Meta, Amazon, and Capital One, according to a recent study from the research firm Lightcast. Some of these postings list salaries of well over $100,000.

While these roles will likely require certain levels of expertise, it's possible that online courses and training programs — not college degrees — will be an accessible path for many Americans who want to land a job in the AI industry.

"With AI, it's conceivable that students might now find themselves learning skills in college that are obsolete by the time they graduate," Chris Hyams, the CEO of the job site Indeed, wrote in a September essay.

Here are the five new jobs that AI could create in the future, per the World Economic Forum.

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