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AI-Powered Social Media Could Play Significant Role In The 2024 Election

Peter Suciu


May 19, 2023

Former President Donald Trump is noted for his use of social media to broadcast his opinions to the masses. However, Barack Obama was actually the first presidential candidate to employ social media, and it became apparent that it could greatly aid a campaign. That fact was further noted in 2016 when the Trump team went on to employ crafted messages across the various platforms.

As the divide on social media is as great as nearly every other aspect of America, the question is whether it will have the same impact in the 2024 election. As each side of the political aisle is so entrenched, do platforms like Twitter hold any sway anymore?

"Social media will play an important role in the 2024 presidential election," said Dr. Aubrey Jewett, associate professor and assistant school director within the School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs at the University of Central Florida.

Jewett noted that social media has remained an important source of news for many Americans, and he cited a recent Pew Research study that found that more than 70% of people now get news from social media.

"Candidates, campaigns, and outside groups will continue to use targeted advertising through social media to send precise messages to the most receptive audiences," added Jewett. "Disinformation campaigns have proliferated through social media despite some attempts to stop them and may have a significant impact. Social media sites are often the platform people use to discuss politics and policy."

To that end, social media could remain a great way to mobilize voters and make sure they actually cast a ballot, and it is likely both presidential campaigns will be spending a lot of money on those outreach efforts.