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AI in music: Not all doom and gloom



Jun 6, 2024

When it comes to AI and music, most of the recent conversation has centered around generative AI. I believe that’s due to our understandably human and slightly fearful reaction to this new wave of creation. There are major concerns around artistic integrity, the demise of paid opportunities for working musicians, and many questions about control and copyright.

But, it’s helpful to remember that music composition is just one category in the AI music landscape, and AI’s impact on the business side of music is much more positive.

While there are many subcategories within AI and music, they largely fall under four broader categories:

    1. Composition (generating music and lyrics—this is what scares people)
    2. Production (mastering, mixing)
    3. Analysis and classification (powers recommendations and curation)
    4. Content ID and copyright protection (rights management)

Of those, AI use cases for analysis/classification and copyright protection deserve more discussion. That’s because AI is already transforming how songs are analyzed, classified, and protected in a myriad of ways. This is important for both listeners and artists since it affects how we discover music and also fortifies the rights for those who create it.

Let’s get more specific about how AI is impacting the music industry in those categories.