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AI is tutoring and teaching some students, reshaping the classroom landscape

Jennifer Jolly

USA Today

May 19, 2024

When you hear “AI” and “schools” in the same sentence, you might think ‘Wait a minute, isn’t that how kids cheat these days?’ Not exactly, say some of the nation's hardest working educators, now using new AI “edtech” tools to help overhaul a long-suffering public education system.

“AI and adaptive software have completely changed how our classrooms look, our school climate, and culture. The student engagement is absolutely magnificent,” Pease Elementary School Principal Micah Arrott said over video call from her office in Odessa, Texas.

Since taking the helm in 2021, Arrott’s one of a few thousand school leaders nationwide to go all-in on “blended learning.” Teachers now use tablets with programs like Age of Learning’s My Math Academy and My Reading Academy to provide tech-assisted one-on-one instruction tailored to every student.