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AIandYou.org launches bi-lingual videos to teach marginalized communities about the impact of AI on everyday life

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Jun 12, 2023

AI&You Digital Literacy

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA , USA , June 12, 2023/ EINPresswire.com / -- AIandYou, a nonprofit educating marginalized communities about artificial intelligence (AI) in easy to understand language, launched its first series of short, educational videos in English and Spanish. The online learning series teaches the basics of AI and its everyday life including everything from job searching to applying for a loan. The goal of the series is to prepare young adults to seniors from marginalized communities about AI and its impact on jobs, careers or education.

The first series of online modules includes the impact of AI on employment, money and online privacy. The modules include insights into how AI works, how we use it, how it impacts everyone. Each module highlights the good and not-so-good aspects of artificial intelligence. Susan Gonzales, founder of AIandYou.org, serves as instructor. The series is free on the AIandYou website thanks to the supporters. Learn more at www.aiandyou.org

“We are excited to offer these easy modules giving all communities the opportunity to learn about AI basics in English or Spanish,” said Gonzales. “The future of workers and the 2024 Presidential election creates an urgency for marginalized communities to understand about AI. It is no longer an option. AI intersects with everything including local job loss and creation, education, civil rights, voting rights and more.”

Gonzales launched AIandYou in 2019 after serving as an exec with Facebook. She created the nonprofit when she identified the lack of simple information about artificial intelligence in the community. She served as a senior exec in policy with telecom and social media companies in Washington, DC and Silicon Valley for 20+ years. She currently serves on the National AI Advisory Committee advising the Biden Administration on artificial intelligence and Board of EqualAI. Gonzales co-authored “A Blueprint for more Inclusive AI”, a 2022 report, World Economic Forum.

To learn more about AIandYou, visit their website.

AIandYou creates “AI Basics” online learning modules, public awareness campaigns, and community town halls to educate people about AI’s impact on the future of work, the 2024 election, and more. We encourage communities to understand the potential opportunities and challenges associated with artificial intelligence and promote safe navigation of the new digital world.