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ChatGPT is landing kids in the principal's office, but not becuase of cheating

Mark Keierleber

The Miai Herald

Nov 11, 2023

ChatBot with AI tech concept, businessman using laptop connecting to AI, smart robot, enter command prompt for generate idea, prompt engineering, futuristic technology transformation, solve problem.

Ever since ChatGPT burst onto the scene last year, a heated debate has centered on its potential benefits and pitfalls for students. As educators worry students could use artificial intelligence tools to cheat, The 74 looks into a new survey that makes clear its impact on young people: They’re getting into trouble.

Half of teachers say they know a student at their school who was disciplined or faced negative consequences for using — or being accused of using — generative artificial intelligence like ChatGPT to complete a classroom assignment, according to survey results released in September by the Center for Democracy and Technology, a nonprofit think tank focused on digital rights and expression. The proportion was even higher, at 58%, for those who teach special education.

Cheating concerns were clear, with survey results showing that teachers have grown suspicious of their students. Nearly two-thirds of teachers said that generative AI has made them “more distrustful” of students and 90% said they suspect kids are using the tools to complete assignments. Yet students themselves who completed the anonymous survey said they rarely use ChatGPT to cheat, but are turning to it for help with personal problems.