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Free Resources to Explore and Use ChatGPT and AI for Educators

Christine Elgersma

Common Sense Education

Oct 19, 2023

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) brings up all kinds of feelings as well as valid arguments about where the technology is heading, how to use it ethically, and what kind of guardrails are necessary for kids before it evolves even further (using social media as a cautionary tale). But some things about AI are certain: It's here, kids are using it, and we probably will too.

Keeping in mind the many changes to come, how can we use it right now? For one thing, we can keep reading think pieces, even while we make it work for us because ultimately, that's what it's for. Just like with any other tech tool, the key is figuring out how to use it effectively, rather than letting it use us.

As we explore, it's crucial to keep students at the center of the discussions and encourage critical thinking about this emerging technology. To that end, you can use the lists of "questions to consider" included in each section for yourself and in your classroom.