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Generative AI job postings increase tenfold in the past year



Jun 6, 2024

More companies are embracing generative artificial intelligence as a part of their road map, and the need for experts to help build that technology is growing exponentially. New data from job posting service, Indeed, shows just how hungry corporate America is for AI workers.

In the past year, Indeed has seen a tenfold increase in the number of generative AI job postings, the company reported Wednesday. Over the past two years, from April 2022 to April 2024, Indeed saw a 75-times increase in generative AI job postings.

Despite those substantial bumps, AI-related jobs still make up a miniscule number of the total listings on Indeed. As of the end of April, they constituted just 0.12% of all global job postings. Still, that’s a big jump from 0.002% two years ago and underscores the rapid evolution of the industry.

In the U.S., AI jobs make up just shy of 2% of all postings.