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How AI And Data Will Change Education In 2024

John Jorgenson, Chief Marketing Officer, Cambium Learning Group.


Jan 23, 2024

Two AA kids using Computer in Class

2024 will mark four years since the start of the pandemic. Children who were in kindergarten in 2020 will be in the fourth grade, teachers who started during the pandemic never experienced “the before times,” and innovation and technology have accelerated at record speed.

A study by EdWeek Research Center found that by the end of 2022, nearly 60% of teachers, principals and district leaders said their experiences using edtech during remote learning had made them more willing to use technology with their students. The survey began in March 2020 and ran through January 2022.

As we look ahead to 2024, there are three tech-related trends I am tracking: AI, testing and data. While these aren’t unique to the K-12 edtech world, they have huge implications for students and educators alike and will continue to transform into the new year.

AI will transform learning and continue to rapidly advance.