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How badly will AI-generated images impact elections?

Kyle Walter


Oct 2, 2023

Next year, 2024, is a prominent year for democracies globally. From an almost certain rerun of Biden versus Trump, to elections expected in the United Kingdom, Taiwan, India, and the European parliament, swaths of voters will be heading to the polls.

But as citizens exercise their democratic right to vote, our research has shown that there’s a very high risk that artificial intelligence (AI) will put the integrity of the election process into question.

Two months ago, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt made a prediction that “the 2024 elections are going to be a mess, because social media is not protecting us from falsely generated AI.” In essence, Schmidt’s concern lies in the unprecedented levels of misinformation that could potentially be driven by these new tools, meaning the lines between true and false could be blurred more than we’ve ever experienced before.

Is Schmidt overreacting, or is he right? Will 2024 really be the year of the AI election?