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The 2024 presidential race is the AI election

John Frank


Jul 27, 2023

USA Map, Abstract with Futuristic Digital Tech Network

Artificial intelligence and generative bots like ChatGPT are poised to upend modern American politics in the same way that social media reset the playbook in 2008, with mounting warnings for democracy.

Why it matters: Top technologists are portraying a dystopian landscape in 2024 in which misinformation and disinformation proliferate with a speed and ease that means "you can't trust anything that you see or hear," as former Google CEO Eric Schmidt puts it.

  • The campaign will be "full, full of false information that anyone can generate," Schmidt said Monday in a conversation at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado.
  • "Every side, every grassroots group and every politician will use generative AI to do harm to their opponents," he added.

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