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AI isn’t magic or evil. Here’s how to spot AI myths.

Tatum Hunter

The Washington Post

Mar 22, 2023

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As ChatGPT and other AI tools spread, people are struggling to separate fact from fiction

Shortly after Darragh Worland shared a news story with a scary headline about a potentially sentient AI chatbot, she regretted it.

Worland, who hosts the podcast “Is That a Fact?” from the News Literacy Project, has made a career out of helping people assess the information they see online. Once she researched natural language processing, the type of artificial intelligence that powers well-known models like ChatGPT, she felt less spooked. Separating fact from emotion took some extra work, she said.

“AI literacy is starting to become a whole new realm of news literacy,” Worland said, adding that her organization is creating resources to help people navigate confusing and conflicting claims about AI.

From chess engines to Google translate, artificial intelligence has existed in some form since the mid-20th century. But these days, the technology is developing faster than most people can make sense of it, misinformation experts caution. That leaves regular people vulnerable to misleading claims about what AI tools can do and who’s responsible for their impact.

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