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This lady is helping put cryptocurrency scams where they belong: in the bin

Katie Wickens

PC Gamer

Jun 1, 2022

Her blog 'Web 3 is going just great' exposes the 'predatory' practices of cryptocurrency and NFT scams.

Finally, someone's been combing the blockchain and calling out scammers on their BS. In doing so, software engineer Molly White managed to not only catalyse the downfall of the Cryptoland scams, but generally spread awareness about the dangers of 'Web3,' so scammers are less likely to indoctrinate more impressionable, would-be investors.

White is an avid Wikipedia contributor who's passionate about free and open knowledge and resources. The Byte (opens in new tab) pointed us to her blog, the awesome, satirically named 'Web3 is going just great (opens in new tab).' In it, she highlights the missteps, hacks, and dodgy work arising from Web3—a blockchain dominated 'new internet' for anyone unaware.

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