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New Platform to Spread Awareness of AI to Communities of Color



BAY AREA, CA – A new community-facing platform aims to foster a more inclusive and empathetic artificial intelligence ecosystem by engaging diverse leaders in AI-related fields and by educating communities of color who are often marginalized by technological advancements.

AIandYou seeks to create a global dialogue with multicultural communities in order to identify solutions that minimize bias, spread knowledge, and strengthen those communities through the use of AI.

The platform features video conversations with experts in the AI community, curated AI information translating complex ideas into easy-to-understand language, profiles of diverse AI leaders, and other community resources.

AIandYou was founded by Susan Gonzales, a former Facebook executive, who pursued artificial intelligence when she left the company after five years of employment. In 2018, Susan led the first global Diversity and Inclusion Town Hall about AI fields at the Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) conference in Montreal. She was joined by the leaders of LatinX in AI, Black in AI, Women in Machine Learning (WiML), and Queer in AI. Most recently, Susan joined an AI roundtable workgroup hosted by Congressman Will Hurd and Congresswoman Robin Kelly of the Congressional Black Caucus. She has continued to work with AI start-ups and AI affinity groups.

“AI is the tsunami off the coast and our communities of color are not prepared,” Gonzales says. “We need to have a global dialogue about AI and its impact on these communities. Partnering local leaders with AI leaders advances the dialogue about creating more accountable AI, and educating the community empowers people with information.”

As it stands now, engagement with AI and AI-related issues is largely absent in the communities where it is needed most: places where automation and other AI-related tools are laying waste to employment opportunities and local economies.

This is where AIandYou enters the community. Gonzales has created a platform where leaders from the science, education, civil rights, and professional communities unite in common cause to learn about AI, to identify biases and dismantle them, and to work to make AI more accountable and accommodating for everyone.

For inquiries, requests, contact, and more, visit: www.AIandYou.org. 

Juan Proano – 917.553.0353


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AIandYou proudly partners with a diverse group of scientists, researchers and engineers to amplify their work, support their programs and create a platform for them to discuss AI with the community.

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