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Susan Gonzales to Speak at CHCI 2020 Tech Summit

AIandYou Founder and CEO Susan Gonzales will participate as a panelist at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 2020 Tech Summit. She will join CHCI’s panel on Algorithms for Good and Ethical Technologies from 3:15PM – 4:15PM EST on Tuesday December 8, 2020.

The panel, sponsored by Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft, will feature Susan, along with Rep. Nanette Diaz Barragán (CA-44), Research Scientist Stacy Hobson, Ph.D. (IBM Research), and Senior Technical Program Manager Martha Laguna (Microsoft).

The advance of algorithms and Artificial Intelligence can optimize human potential. With the help of code, we have the ability to make smarter, and faster decisions based on data and facts, and these technologies can allow us to make our bureaucracies more efficient, tackle social issues, and so much more, if built and developed without bias and racism. While most Americans feel optimistic about the future of technology, many are increasingly concerned about the ethical dilemmas and racial bias posed by our reliance on technology for our news, information, and other crucial services. With Latinos constituting only 15.1% of the tech sector's workforce, many are also rightly concerned about what this lack of diversity means for the code that runs our digital selves. Join a conversation on how technology leaders can cultivate a diverse workforce that builds ethical products for good that are free of racism and bias.

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