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Type in your job to see how much AI will affect it

Yan Wu and Sergio Peçanha

The Washington Post

Jun 30, 2023

Is AI coming for your job? If so, when?

Unfortunately, there are no clear-cut answers to these questions. Technology develops in unpredictable ways. But a paper published last month by three scholars — Princeton’s Edward W. Felten, Manav Raj of the University of Pennsylvania and Robert Seamans of New York University — offered some helpful insight, at least in terms of artificial intelligence as we now know it.

The team looked into two types of AI: One capable of generating and analyzing speech (think ChatGPT) and the other with the same capacity for images (think Midjourney). It examined dozens of skills that humans use to perform their jobs, from writing to reasoning to lifting heavy things, for the potential for artificial intelligence to enhance those skills or to supplant humans entirely.